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Air Hockey Challenge - Cover Page

Robot Air Hockey Challenge provides a platform for researchers in the field of robot learning to interact with each other on a realistic robotic task. In this competition, teams will design and build their air hockey agents, competing against each other in different subtasks (in simulation) and finally in an entire game (both in simulation and in the real world).

The main part of the challenge consists of three simulated stages: Warm Up, Qualifying, and Tournament. Each stage consists of different tasks required for robot air hockey. Besides preparing your agents for executing the desired movements in the environments that are provided to you, they should also be robust and capable to adapt to environmental changes. Finally, the top three teams will be able to deploy their agent on the real robot.

Environment Description





Warm Up

3-DoF Planar Robot

Hit, Defend

Ideal Simulator


KUKA iiwa14 LBR

Hit, Defend, Prepare

Realistic Simulator


KUKA iiwa14 LBR


Realistic Simulator

Real Robot Validation

KUKA iiwa14 LBR


Real Robot

The goal of this document is to provide a basic introduction to the challenge’s library, including Installation, Challenge Framework, Environments, Agent, Evaluation, Constraints, and Solution Submission.

For information about general rules, such as, registration and important dates, please see the challenge website.